IdeaMachine was developed by Wharton professor Ethan Mollick in partnership with Wharton Interactive and has been used by thousands of students in a wide variety of classrooms and situations.

IdeaMachine combines the best elements of audience interaction tools, interactive assignments, and online communities in a single platform. IdeaMachine encourages student interaction while providing instructors real-time data about student knowledge, ideas, and experiences. IdeaMachine is highly customizable and can be used to enhance learning in a variety of classroom settings and topics. It also includes prebuilt templates, and the ability to create your own templates for reuse across classes.

Fully mobile-accessible, IdeaMachine is designed to engage students on their smartphones. The platform allows instructors to send custom challenges via text or email that students reply to with a written, image, or video response. Students are then able to interact with other student responses on the Challenge Board —a social media-styled interface which provides a visually engaging list of other student responses.

Using the Challenge Board, students interact by liking and commenting on the submissions of others, generating further constructive thought and feedback. IdeaMachine can be used as a driver of idea generation, crowdsourcing, reflection, and problem-solving both inside and outside of the classroom. This platform is highly customizable, making it easy to develop a blended learning experience where students answer challenges outside of class that serve as the basis for in-class discussion or activities. Instructors can also use IdeaMachine to create a space for active online student interaction. Generating a rich source of data and grading information, IdeaMachine allows instructors to focus on student responses and trends as a way to hone in on key learning objectives.