A mobile-ready innovative platform for learning that lets instructors quickly and easily create engaging social communities around key questions or topics.

IdeaMachine helps instructors create interactive assignments for any course, increasing social engagement.

Instructors set up IdeaMachine assignments and students post text and image responses to an online community. Students vote, comment, and add emojis to peer responses, creating a dynamic, shared community of learning.

IdeaMachine sparks engagement, providing instructors with real-time data about student participation. Used by thousands of students worldwide, IdeaMachine's assignment design framework is based on the science of learning, giving instructors insight into student understanding and elevating student voices.


An IdeaMachine challenge community.

Assignments can include:

  • Idea Tournaments
  • Peer Reviews and Feedback
  • Reflection
  • Visualization
  • Real-World Applications
  • Online Debates
  • Icebreaker Activities

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Additional Features

Instructional Templates

Our built-in assignment templates are based on key pedagogical approaches and include guidance about how to engage and moderate the online community.

  • Visualization: Students create and share visuals that highlight core concepts and surface connections.
  • Tweet This: Students explain a course concept in just 3 sentences, using the constraint to highlight a key idea.
  • Quick Report Out: Student teams work together and report out their work, enhancing social learning.
  • Homework Assignment: Students explore course concepts, expanding the possibilities of homework.
  • Curiosity: Student curiosity is invoked in an essential course question.
  • Ask and Answer: Students collaborate and share problem-solving tips.
  • Reflection: Students engage in reflection and prospection.
  • Teach Me: Students explain key concepts to peers and provide real-world examples.

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IdeaMachine creates breakthrough learning experiences.

Case Study-Emily Cox Pahnke

Here is a case study of how one Professor from the University of Washington, Emily Cox Pahnke, uses IdeaMachine to create breakthrough experiences for her Entrepreneurship students.

Standard Platform Features:

  • Seamless LTI Integration/Fully Mobile-Ready
  • Social Media-Style Comments, Votes and Emojis
  • Image Uploads and Annotation
  • Robust Sorts/Filters- Presentation Mode
  • Anonymous and Private Responses
  • Graded and Ungraded Discussions
  • Reports and Dashboard Metrics
  • Teaching Notes for Assignment Templates
  • WCAG2.0A and AA accessibility


  • High School
  • Higher Education
  • Executive Education


“For students, IdeaMachine allows them to both distance and immerse: they can write about their own ideas and experiences and take a step back and engage with the diversity of thoughts and experiences of others.”

--Professor Anne Greenhalgh

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