An innovative platform for learning that lets instructors quickly and easily create engaging social communities around key questions or topics.

IdeaMachine sends students brief challenges that they can answer via their mobile devices, responding with text, pictures, or video. Students can then interact with the answers of their peers, commenting, voting and reacting, creating a collaborative community. Combined with IdeaMachine’s analytics, the system can be used in or out of class to help instructors:

  • Make class more engaging without major changes to underlying class material
  • Create active social learning spaces, encouraging peer-to-peer teaching
  • Assess and evaluate student performance, both to understand gaps in knowledge and for grading purposes
  • Focus class discussion on the most important and relevant points, using student responses to connect what students know and what you want them to learn.

Instructors can create their own questions, or they can use IdeaMachine’s point-and-click wizards to quickly create challenges that prompt particular pedagogical outcomes. This built-in pedagogy is designed to encourage students to:

  • Reflect on what they have learned
  • Remember key concepts
  • Make sense of ideas and map out how those ideas connect
  • Create team-based projects around common interests
  • Take part in idea generation tournaments

IdeaMachine is based on the latest research on effective pedagogy and has been used by thousands of students at universities around the world.

Here is a case study of how one Professor from the University of Washington, Emily Cox Pahnke, uses IdeaMachine to create breakthrough experiences for her Entrepreneurship students.

IdeaMachine is coming soon. Stay tuned for updates!