Social Interaction and Peer to Peer Learning for the Classroom

IdeaMachine combines the best of online communities, audience interaction features, and classroom assignments in a single platform.


IdeaMachine is mobile-ready, easy to use, and a modern tool that complements any course topic. The platform is ideally suited for blended learning, where student responses posted outside of class serve as the basis for in-class discussion and activities.

Instructors create IdeaMachine challenges which are automatically sent to students via email and are integrated with LMS assignments. Students respond with text and images, then connect in a social media-style interface to cast votes, post comments, and interact. IdeaMachine encourages student participation and provides instructors with real-time data on student engagement.

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IdeaMachine improves concept mastery, promotes reflective and critical thinking, and helps to surface diverse viewpoints in the classroom

How it Works

IdeaMachine is LTI Advantage 1.3 integrated, meaning it will work with any modern Learning Management System.


Create Dynamic Assignments

The first step is for instructors to configure their IdeaMachine challenges. The platform provides several turnkey challenge templates, which help instructors quickly achieve desired learning outcomes based on the latest in learning science. Challenge templates include reflection, visualization, memory-building, peer feedback, team reports, and more. Instructors can schedule as many challenges as desired, and have the ability to set the start and due dates, as well as the base level of engagement required by students in the challenge community.

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Use one of our challenge templates, or create your own

Activate Participation and Interaction

Students are notified when new challenges start and respond with text and images in a highly visual, intuitive and modern interface. The social-media style learning community comes to life with interactions, as students cast votes, post comments, and share emoji reactions.


Curate and Measure Engagement

IdeaMachine includes dashboards and curation tools that help instructors surface ideas for discussion, bookmark responses in the social community, and track engagement. The built-in presentation tool is designed for both in-class and virtual learning.

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  • Simple to integrate into any class and any topic
  • Social communities for learners
  • Instructor tools and support
  • Modern, interactive interface
  • Mobile-accessible
  • Easy-to-use templates and dashboards
  • Meets WCAG accessibility guidelines and FERPA compliant
  • LTI Advantage v1.3 Interoperability


  • High School
  • Higher Education
  • Executive Education

Here is a case study of how one Professor from the University of Washington, Emily Cox Pahnke, uses IdeaMachine to create breakthrough experiences for her Entrepreneurship students.

If you're interested in learning more about IdeaMachine, get in touch!