The Startup Game

Played globally by tens of thousands of students, the Startup Game was developed by Wharton Management professor Ethan Mollick in partnership with Wharton Interactive.

Students live through the chaotic and exciting early days of a startup in a single class session, and then learn to make sense of what they experienced. Each player takes on the role of either a founder, an investor, or a key early employee and works to secure the right combination of funding and talent in order to make their startup a success. Players actively move around the room, competing and cooperating with one another to fund, join, and grow startups.

The game introduces students to the latest academic findings that support real-world lessons about key startup concepts such as hiring, equity, salary, and funding considerations. Included in the simulation is a comprehensive Instructor Toolkit. The Instructor Toolkit includes detailed videos, instructions and teaching notes about how to run the game, how to analyze team strategies and team scoring and how to conduct an impactful and memorable post-game debrief. The game can be played at any point during the semester and is crafted to get students of all backgrounds interacting in new and exciting ways