Daniel Ravipinto - Headshot

Daniel Ravipinto

Senior Interactive Fiction Writer

Wharton Interactive

Daniel Ravipinto is Wharton Interactive's Senior Interactive-Fiction Writer.

His fascination with I-F began at the age of eight, when Wishbringer told him he could open the envelope. His first IF game, Tapestry, won second place in the 1996 Interactive Fiction Competition. In 2003, his collaboration with Star Foster, Slouching Towards Bedlam, won first place. Both pieces won XYZZY Awards, with Slouching nominated for eight awards and ultimately winning four.

Daniel is a writer, computer programmer, musician, and a rabid game connoisseur. Currently, he is working on the next volume of The Grey City fantasy series with Neil McGarry, as well as their newest podcast, “Nitpicking: Babylon 5.”