About Wharton Interactive

Wharton Interactive draws on games, simulations, and the latest pedagogical research to create new kinds of learning experiences that are designed to transform and democratize education

Wharton Interactive’s innovative platforms, simulations, and games empower educators to tailor highly engaging, deeply immersive experiences that make the difference between merely covering content and learning how to effectively apply it. Grounded in research and extensive experience, our simulations create active learning opportunities.

When students live through an experience that challenges them, theoretical concepts become deeply meaningful. In confronting challenges actively and in real-time, students gain both a deeper understanding of the field and importantly, they remember what they learned. Wharton Interactive is dedicated to democratizing the future of education - when students actively participate in their own learning, they own what they know. 

We want to build a community to help:

  • Educators who want to use the latest pedagogical approaches to engage their classes.
  • Learners who want to acquire new and marketable skills in the most effective and fun way possible.
  • Researchers who want to advance the state-of-the-art in understanding pedagogy.
  • Faculty members who want to publish new types of learning content, emphasizing the latest in academic knowledge.

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