Game Changing Learning

Democratizing the future of education

  • Learners own what they know

    With agency to change outcomes, learners live through challenging experiences that bridge the gap between theory and practice.

  • Empowered educators

    By confronting challenges in real-time, learners gain greater understanding - enabling deeper classroom discussions.

  • Deliberate practice at scale

    We harness and automate the science of expertise so that learners get personalized guidance and build up business skills.

  • Grounded in research

    We draw on games, simulations and the latest pedagogical research to create new kinds of learning experiences.


Leaders in the education & technology sphere

Ethan Mollick - Headshot

Ethan Mollick

Co-Founder and Faculty Director

Our goal is to think about how we can take ideas from pedagogical research, and the world of games, and apply those ideas to make teaching more effective and easier.

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