Global Youth Leadership Simulation

The Global Youth Leadership Simulation is an advanced multi-player game that teaches students how to be leaders, and challenges them to put their knowledge into practice as they take command of an expedition to Saturn in 2087.

Tailored for high school students and drawing on our groundbreaking Saturn Parable, students learn leadership and teamwork lessons based on the latest evidence-based approaches. Players will have to navigate real-world challenges in a fictional setting, and will receive continual feedback, in the form of lectures from Prof. Ethan Mollick, detailed leadership assessments, and via the game itself. The game is entirely remote, but players will interact with each other and the professor via video chat. Those who complete the simulation will receive a certificate from Wharton.

Acting in teams of 4-6 people, participants play the role of members of the Enceladus Expedition, the first commercial space mission to Saturn’s moon Enceladus, whose south pole provides the only reliable source of liquid water beyond Earth. The UN, hoping to speed up the terraforming of Mars, has offered this valuable resource to whoever can claim it, and the Expedition is not the only effort to try to do so. The players find themselves racing against two other rival commercial missions, with the first to successfully land near the south pole gaining mining rights worth nearly a trillion dollars. A second ship can secure a lesser claim, worth billions, while the third would get nothing. Of course, this assumes that the missions can avoid complete disaster…

Though the setting is fictional, the debrief connects the lessons to the real world, revealing that how challenges encountered by participants are actually the same as those faced by leaders of organizations like Amazon, Apple, NASA, and Boeing. The skills learned in the game are immediately applicable to work environments, and research shows that these skills will be more deeply integrated and retained longer than might be accomplished with other methods.

The game unfolds in multiple parts over the course of two days, as players work alone and in teams to succeed at their mission. Every choice the participants make is evaluated, and used for a detailed debrief, as well as personal feedback to help players improve their leadership skills. The game is run entirely remotely, players will work together via video chat live as they play, and will also be part of live debriefs run by Professor Mollick.

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