BlueSky Ventures: a new way to learn

BlueSky ventures is a short, single-player Alternate Reality Course from Wharton Interactive – one you can play for free right now!

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When we designed and built BlueSky Ventures, we had three goals in mind:

  • To teach you how to evaluate new ideas and businesses
  • To give you a glimpse into our vision - how you can learn through an Alternate Reality Course
  • To serve as an introduction to our more advanced courses

BlueSky Ventures is a great way to get started with an Alternate Reality Course; it’s both free and only 90 minutes long.

Below is a behind-the-scenes look at what you learn, how you’ll learn it, and how you’ll have fun doing it.

What you learn

BlueSky Ventures is only a 90-minute game, but it covers multiple critical concepts. It’s a crash course from Professor Mollick about how to analyze companies, think about strategic experiments, and use mental techniques to gain strategic perspectives. Through the game, you’ll learn strategic frameworks for evaluating concepts and how to use data to assess businesses. You’ll get a chance to learn what is taught at the world’s best business school, and you’ll get to practice what you learn in the game.

How you learn it

We have taken evidence-based learning techniques and transplanted those techniques into a game format for an optimal learning experience. Unlike classes or traditional simulations, BlueSky Ventures (and every ARC Course) is designed to support your learning by teaching you theory and giving you a chance to practice what you learn. You’ll learn through support via in-game characters, personalized feedback, and gain a personal knowledge library. We help you connect concepts and apply those concepts outside of the game; expect to make mistakes in the game so that you won’t make the same mistakes in real life.

How you’ll fun doing it

We use techniques from games and from interactive fiction to produce a mystery for you to unravel. We embed messages from experts in the field, create characters who will intrigue you, and interactive videos that allow you to speak to those characters. You play the starring role in this game, and your choices have consequences.

The game is free to play and serves as a gateway to a new way to learn.

Join us for a BlueSky Ventures adventure!