Help with My Interactive Account

Creating My Interactive Account

How do I create an account?

You can create an account by clicking the Sign Up button in the top right corner of any page. You can choose to sign in with your existing Google account, or enter your email address and select a password. Next, you’ll be prompted to select whether you’re an Individual or Instructor, and whether you want to receive communication from Wharton Interactive. You must verify your account before you can continue; check your email for a verification link. When you click the verification link, you’ll be taken to a page to accept our EULA. Once you accept, you’re all set!

Can I create an account using my existing Google account to save time?

Yes, you can. Once you click the Sign Up button, you’ll be taken to a new window, where you’ll see a button that says Sign up with Google. You can then enter your existing Google information.

By entering my contact information, will you be sending me texts and emails?

You have the choice to receive communications from us as often or as little as you like. We will not communicate with you unless you ask to be included.

What is a EULA and why do I need to agree to it?

An End User Licensing Agreement (EULA) exists to protect Wharton Interactive and our customers from liability if the software is used in a way not intended by the manufacturer or author.

Can I purchase an experience without signing up for an account?

You must agree to our terms and conditions through creation of an account to purchase an experience on our site.

What do I do if I accidentally signed up with the wrong email address?

If you signed up with the wrong email address, your account will remain unconfirmed since you won’t be able to receive the confirmation email. Click the Sign Up button in the top right corner of the screen, and enter the correct information to sign up with your correct email address.

I never received a confirmation email. Can you resend it to me?

You can request a resend of the email by clicking on the My Interactive button in the top right corner of any screen. This will take you to a new page; scroll down and you will see a Resend Email button. Click that button to resend the confirmation email (and be sure to check your spam folder!).

Logging In

How do I log in?

If you’ve already created an account, click the Login button in the top right corner of any screen. Enter the username and password you created, or sign up with your existing Google account (if that’s how you initially created your Wharton Interactive account). If you have not yet created an account, click the Sign Up button next to the Login button to do so. Once you have confirmed your account via the confirmation email that’s automatically sent to you, you’ll be logged in.

How do I know I’ve logged in successfully?

If you are logged in successfully, you’ll see a My Interactive button, as well as a Logout button in the top right corner of your screen where the Sign Up and Login buttons once were.

Do I need to log in to any other platform to access my experiences?

You’ll be able to access the experience you purchase directly from the My Interactive section of the website.

I forgot my password; how can I reset it?

To reset your password, click on the Login button in the top right corner of the page. On the login screen, click on Don’t remember your password? above the Login button. You will then be prompted to enter the email address associated with your account. You will receive a reset link via email.

Still need assistance? Contact Wharton Interactive Support, or return to the main support page.