Help with My Interactive Dashboard

Where can I see all the experiences I have purchased?

All of your experiences are on your My Experiences tab. To navigate there, click the My Interactive button in the top right corner of any screen.

Where I can view the status of the experience I purchased?

Make sure you log in first! Once logged in, click the My Interactive button in the top right corner of any screen. From there, click the My Experiences tab.

I just purchased an experience; how do I get started?

Click the My Interactive button in the top right corner of any screen. From there, on your My Experiences tab, you’ll see the experience you purchased. You can start some experiences right away, while others start on a specific time and date. If your experience is ready to play, click the Start button to begin. Otherwise, you’ll see the experience’s start time and date. The game will open at that time. Come back to the My Experiences tab to launch the game!

How can I prepare for my experience? Is there any content I can access before my experience starts?

Some experiences have preparatory material available prior to the start of the experience. If your experience has prep materials, you’ll be able to view them by clicking the Resources button. If you don’t see any preparatory resources, continue to check back as they might be some available closer to the start date.

How do I know when new resources have been posted? Will I receive a notification?

You will not receive a notification when resources are posted. Please continue to check back to see if any new resources have been posted.

I can no longer join my experience on the date I originally selected. Can I reschedule?

You can reschedule up to 24 hours in advance of the start date of your experience. To change your start date, first click the My Interactive button in the top right corner. That will take you to your experience. Next to your experience, you will see your selected start date. Click the Change button to select a new date. If you do not see a Change button, there are either no other dates you can join, or you are within the 24 hour window. Please contact us for assistance.

I want to change the date I am playing the experience I purchased. The start of the experience I’d like to join is less than 24 hours from now. Can I still join?

No, you cannot join an experience that starts in less than 24 hours. Please select a different date.

How do I access my certificate? (For Individual Learner Classes Only)

After you have completed your experience and all its requirements, your certificate will be emailed to you. You can also access it within your My Library tab.

How do I know when I can start preparing for an experience?

You’ll know it’s time to start preparing when you visit the My Experiences tab and next to the experience, it says Get Prepared. Each experience has unique preparation materials that are released at specific times prior to the experience. To view the preparation materials, click on the Resources button next to your experience to view the resources that are available.

Where can I view the start date for my upcoming experience?

Go to the My Experiences tab by clicking the My Interactive button in the top right corner of your screen. All your upcoming and active experiences will be listed on this page.

I know I’ll be late to the start of my experience, but I’d still like to play. What will I miss?

Each experience is unique, and it is imperative to join your experience on time to ensure you don’t miss important introductory information and instructions. If you have further questions, Please contact us for assistance.

The start date of my experience has passed, and I was not able to join; can I still switch to a different date?

You have up to 24 hours before your start time to make changes to your experience. If your start date has passed and you were unable to play, please contact us for assistance.

How to I know when my experience is open and ready for me to start playing?

If the experience you’ve purchased has a start date, you will see it listed next to the experience on the My Experiences tab. Please join the experience at that date and time, as it is a live experience. Some experiences can be started at any time. If your experience can be started at any time, you will see Start anytime next to your on the My Experiences tab, as well as a Start button to launch the experience.

My experience is now open; how do I start playing?

To launch your experience, go to the My Experiences tab. On the dashboard, you will see a Launch button. When you click that button, you’ll be taken to a new page to begin playing.

Do I have to create a new account to play?

No; you’ll use the same information as your Wharton Interactive account to begin playing.

I started playing the experience I purchased, but I can no longer finish. What do I do?

Please contact us for assistance as soon as you know you will not be able to complete the experience.

How do I see all the experiences I have completed?

All your completed experiences will be listed on your My Experiences tab, which you can access by clicking My Interactive in the top right corner of your screen.

Are there any resources available after the experience?

The resources available after your experience ends will depend on the experience. Click the Resources button on the My Experiences tab to view any post-experience resources.

For how long are these resources available after the experience ends?

You will always be able to view the resources for your experience in the My Library tab; there is no expiration date on resources.

Can I download these resources?

Not all resources are able to be downloaded; some are only viewable on the Wharton Interactive site. If a resource is downloadable, you will see a Download button.

What should I do if I’m having trouble playing the videos?

Be sure your browser does not have any blocking enabled, or try logging in and watching the videos in a different type of browser (i.e., if you’re using Firefox, try Chrome instead).

My Dashboard isn’t showing the experience I purchased. What should I do?

Please make sure you received confirmation of your purchase, as there may have been an error during checkout and the purchase was not completed successfully.

Still need assistance? Contact Wharton Interactive Support, or return to the main support page.