Learner Support for Instructor-led Classes

How do I join a class I’ve been invited to?

Your instructor will provide you a link to enroll in the class. When you click the link, you’ll be taken to a page that says, “You have been invited to a class.” Make sure the name of the class is correct.

At the bottom of the page, click the Login/Sign up to enroll button. If you already have an account, please log in. If not, sign up for an account. After you sign up for an account, make sure to check your inbox for a verification email. Click Confirm my email address.

Once you log in/create your account, you will see the same “You have been invited to a class” screen. Now, click the Enroll me! button. You’ll then be taken to your My Interactive dashboard. At the top of the screen, you’ll see a green bar that says, “You have joined the class” and the name of the class.

If your organization has paid for the class, you’re all set. If this is a Learner pay class, you’ll see an Add to basket button. If there is more than one experience in your class, make sure you click the Add all to basket button. Click on the Proceed to checkout button, then Proceed to payment on the next screen. Enter your billing information and payment details, then click Pay. Once payment is confirmed the next screen will say, “Thanks, your order is complete.” You will also receive a confirmation email.

Click the View your dashboard button to view your class.

Do I need to create a Wharton Interactive account to join a class?

Yes. You will need to create an account on the Wharton Interactive website to enroll in a class.

What payment methods are accepted?

The only payment method available at this time is credit card. If you cannot pay via credit card, please contact the Wharton Interactive support team.

Will I receive a confirmation of my payment?

Yes. You will receive an email confirmation of successful payment for your class’s experience(s).

Where can I see all the classes I’ve been invited to?

Once you have created an account and enrolled in the class, you can view the class on your My Interactive dashboard. To get to the dashboard, click on My Interactive at the top right of the page.

I have purchased my experience; what should I do now?

While waiting for the experience to begin, you’ll see the class status as Get prepared. Click the Resources button to view the resources available to you. On the date and time provided by your instructor, visit your dashboard again to launch the experience.

What resources are available to me as a learner to prepare for the experience?

Each experience will have different resources to help you prepare for your experience. From your My Interactive dashboard, click the Resources button to view the resources available.

I dropped my class but already paid for the experience. How do I get a refund?

If you are no longer a part of the class, please make sure you notify your instructor so they can unenroll you. To obtain a refund for your purchase, please contact the Wharton Interactive support team.

It’s time for me to play the experience with my class; where do I go?

When it’s time to play, log in to your Wharton Interactive account. Go to your My Interactive dashboard by clicking My Interactive in the top right corner of the screen. Find your class and click the Launch button next to your experience. If you do not yet see a Launch button, it is not yet time to play your experience.

What resources are available to me after an experience?

Some of our experiences include takeaways. From your My Interactive dashboard, click the Resources button to view the resources available.

I would like to play an experience as an individual learner; can I use the same account that I made to join a class?

Yes, you can use the same account. After you’ve purchased or signed up for an individual learner experience, you’ll see them both on your My Interactive dashboard. The experiences you’ve purchased as an individual learner will be differentiated from the classes you’ve been invited to as a learner with the title of “Personal learning."

Still need assistance? Contact Wharton Interactive Support, or return to the main support page.