John Walker - Headshot

John Walker

IT Technical Director

Wharton Interactive

John M. Walker is the Director of Platform Technology at Wharton Interactive, overseeing the development and maintenance of the ARC (Alternate Reality Courseware), Wharton Interactive Marketplace, and Wharton Interactive SIMPL platforms.

Having joined the team as a QA Engineer in the early days of the Coronavirus Pandemic, John quickly pivoted to remote work and collaborated with the team to develop and test the first Wharton Interactive ARC game, 2020's "The Saturn Parable," in a matter of months. In the three years since, he has overseen (and performed) testing on the Entrepreneurship Game, Blue Sky Ventures, and Machine Learning for Business Decisions.

In September of 2022 John took on the role of IT Technical Director, in which he oversees many aspects of the WI team, including Quality Assurance, Customer Success, and aspects of platform development.

In his spare time John likes to assemble and paint miniatures for tabletop games of all sorts and read Urban Fantasy novels.

PS. It's possible that in a former life he was a bear.